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Upload employee expense reports

Your organization's current employee expense reports contain all the information Avanii needs to calculate an employee's carbon footprint


View each employee's carbon trends

You cannot improve what you don't measure. With carbon visualization, you can see how your employee's actions shape their impact and help them improve their impact over time


Select and purchase offsets

Customize your offsets by choosing from a wide variety of Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Stand offsets


The Solution for Carbon Footprint Tracking

Instant CO2 Emissions Result



Customized Carbon Offsets

Automated Carbon Reporting 


- Madison Savilow, Chief of Staff at Carbon Upcycling Technologies

It's difficult to reduce the negative impact I'm having on the environment due to work activity without limiting myself professionally. By using Avanii, I feel less guilty when taking a work trip because I know that the emissions are being offset in a meaningful way.


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