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Avanii Announces Partnership With Dokyo

The Avanii team is excited to announce that it has partnered with Dokyo, a full service advertising agency in Germany that has worked with clients such as Axe, Dove, Ben & Jerry’s (B&J), and other well recognized brands. In collaboration with Avanii, Dokyo will be able to provide sustainability tools to clients to create a positive environmental impact in an effort to fight climate change and let the world know about their progress with transparency.

Dokyo well is known for its ability to build communities of individuals who push for social change through social media advertising. A great example of this was a festival called “YEStival” that Dokyo held in collaboration with B&J to celebrate the legalization of marriage for all in Germany. Across four cities in Germany, the B&J YEStival attracted thousands of supporters who celebrated the new legislation with B&J ice cream and movies.

As climate change continues to pose an increasing threat to humanity, Dokyo aims to accomplish two goals alongside Avanii. The first goal is to create impactful change with their clientele by introducing them to Avanii’s solutions. This will allow Dokyo’s clients to track, reduce, and offset their employee’s carbon emissions, effectively taking another step towards fighting climate change. The second goal is to share this progress with the world in an effort to build a community of people worldwide who celebrate the progress that companies are making towards fighting climate change. The impact of achieving both of these goals is developing the ability to create a sustainability-first-market whereby customers will search for companies to support that share their personal values.

To begin this Journey, Dokyo has begun utilizing Avanii and aims to reduce its own carbon footprint. While Dokyo has done a fantastic job of reducing their carbon footprint already by providing their employees with corporate bicycles and reducing travel, Avanii will provide real-time data to each employee to inform them of how they can reduce their carbon footprint at work.

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