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Avanii - cloud-based employee carbon offsetting

With over 500 million employees in Western nations producing on average six tons of CO2 emissions each, they cumulatively create 2.25 billion tons of CO2 emissions - a staggering 6% of annual global emissions. Avanii was created to empower companies around the globe to engage in the climate conversation and act as a catalyst for action within each organization, effectively enabling alignment with the requirements of science and technology to reverse climate change.

“The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new.” - Socrates

Prior to Avanii, Roger Hull (CEO and Co-founder, Avanii) worked at Carbon Upcycling Technologies, a carbon sequestration materials company in Calgary, Canada. While working on a project, Hull discovered that the company had no cost-effective way to track the emissions released when the team traveled to conferences, took a taxi to meet a prospect, or flew in an airplane to visit a customer. Upon discussion with Apoorv Sinha, CEO and Founder of Carbon Upcycling Technologies, the team realized that many companies around the world would face this exact problem as a systemic issue. The inception of Avanii has begun.

Roger has traveled to Portugal for a 3-week-long program at the European Innovation Academy with his idea, where he was able to meet various mentors, as well as future member of the Avanii team - Bailey Truscello-Carlson, who would join as CTO and Co-founder. After his return from Portugal, Hull and Truscello-Carlson formed a team with Apoorv Sinha and Marya Dzmitruk to create Avanii, a platform that utilizes employee expense reports, breaking down transactions into various categories to calculate their carbon footprint, empowering employers to either alternate operational processes or simply offset the emissions.

To date, Avanii has secured strategic partnerships with companies like Nori, Carbon Upcycling Technologies and Dokyo. Nori is an industry-leading and innovative carbon removal provider who integrates carbon offset purchases with blockchain technology so that the end purchaser of carbon offsets can see that their impact has been created. Carbon Upcycling Technologies has partnered with Avanii to create innovative mechanical sequestration carbon offsets that have yet to hit the market. Dokyo and Avanii have partnered to allow Dokyo to utilize Avanii as a tool to help their clients achieve carbon neutrality.

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