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Avanii Joins Communitech

In 1997, 43 tech executives in Waterloo, Canada came together to start a peer breakfast group to support Canada’s tech industry during a manufacturing downturn. As time went on, these executives began to mentor young entrepreneurs in Waterloo and eventually formed the Communitech accelerator. Today, Communitech is composed of 1,400+ startups, scale ups, and global players and has steadily earned it’s position as one of the top 5 global innovation ecosystems. As Avanii enters Commmunitech’s ecosystem, it provides Avanii with a wide network of resources and capabilities that will help Avanii grow rapidly. These resources and capabilities include access to mentorship, capital, a google passport, and recruitment services which will help Avanii reach more customers across the globe faster in addition to being able to scale Avanii’s business systems to match that growth. The Avanii team is ecstatic to bring clean-tech representation to the global Communitech ecosystem and champion the growth and opportunities of the industry.

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