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Calling Blue Carbon Offset Providers

Earth Week is an exciting time for environmental professionals and stewards alike. The week carries a sentiment of a burning desire to act, and an excitement surrounding past accomplishments. At the individual scale, many citizens will forgo the use of their home lights, or stop driving for a day. At the macro scale, government bodies and thousands of companies announce their plans for the next year or decade to make the world a better place.

For the Avanii team, Earth Week is comparable to an Apple keynote event or watching the Olympics and cheering on your country as they compete for gold. However, it didn’t start that way. In the beginnings of Earth Day, few paid attention to the actions of others and many thought it was a decent opportunity to market themselves as sustainability leaders without taking any significant steps towards accomplishing a real goal. This could be compared to the earliest olympics where only amateurs were allowed to participate.

In recent years however, Earth Week has become akin to the modern Olympics. Each company pledges to accomplish greater impact in an ever shortening fashion. What is more remarkable is that the impacted communities or consumers go out of their way to allocate their support towards the companies that leave the strongest impression on them.

In recognition of the community-driven transition in Earth Week’s culture, Avanii will be launching a blue carbon offset in its platform. For those who do not know, a blue carbon offset is generally created through a carbon sequestration program based in the sea. For example, blue carbon offsets are commonly provided via maintaining and preserving mangroves or other aquatic habitats in order to allow them to continually sequester atmospheric carbon. While we are ecstatic to bring this carbon offset to our platform to diversify our client’s impact avenues, we would like to reach out to you, our supporters and business partners, to find the optimal carbon offset provider. Avanii strives to support carbon offset programs that draw down atmospheric carbon levels reliably, but also those who bring value to developing nations by uplifting local communities through job creation or some other type of social benefit.

We are certain that the collective sum of our communities' knowledge is greater than each individual's knowledge in regards to carbon offsets. With so many blue carbon offset providers available, we hope to hear from many of you to learn about the experiences you had when purchasing various offsets. Throughout the process, the Avanii team will aggregate this knowledge and support a truly worthwhile project. All in an effort to make the world a better place!

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