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Calling Out to All Businesses! Roger Named an Enactus Student Entrepreneur Finalist

Avanii is proud to announce that Roger, CEO and Co-founder of Avanii, has been recognized as one of top student entrepreneurs in Canada for the second year running. Enactus Canada selected 12 student entrepreneurs to compete in their annual student entrepreneurship challenge at the end of May from over 300 applicants. The challenge includes two rounds of 10 minute pitches to a panel of revered business leaders and entrepreneurs where the student entrepreneur will speak about their entrepreneurial journey, traction to date, and the social impact created by their business. The winning competitor will be awarded over $10,000 in prizes in addition to incredible networking opportunities.

The Enactus pitch event has achieved very high viewership ratings with thousands of viewers across Canada. With just a month left to the competition, the Avanii team sees this as an opportunity to collaborate with companies in an effort to improve their environmental impact in the future with Avanii's platform. Avanii would like these companies to be a part of Roger’s pitch whereby the company’s environmental impact and dedication to make the world a better place would be showcased despite challenges posed by Covid-19. Therefore, Avanii is pleased to announce that for the period leading up to the competition, any company can work with Avanii to learn what their employee’s carbon footprint is during a 14 day pilot.

We are aware that Covid-19 has posed challenges on businesses across the globe. As a response, Avanii can be flexible in how each company would collaborate with Avanii. Some businesses may be in the position to complete a full carbon footprint analysis and offset cycle while others may commit to set a target for employee related emissions reductions after learning what their carbon footprint is. If you or your company is interested in this initiative, please contact Roger at to learn more about how to get started.

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