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[DIY] Understanding and Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Understanding and reducing your carbon footprint may seem like a complex task, but it doesn't have to be! Here's a list of daily items that can help you be one step (or nine steps) closer to a sustainable future: 1. Energy-efficient light bulbs such as compact fluorescent and LED light bulbs consume less electricity than conventional incandescent light bulbs. Change your household fixtures to CFLs and you will save money on your household energy bills, too! 2. A programmable thermostat turns your home’s heating or air-conditioning up and down automatically, depending on the time of day. When your home’s energy system is working efficiently, it wastes less energy, thus reducing your carbon footprint. 3. All gasoline-powered automobiles emit carbon dioxide. The larger the car, the more carbon dioxide is emitted. 4. Cars that are properly maintained are more energy efficient. Be sure to regularly change the air filter and make sure the tires are always properly inflated. 5. The growing, processing, packaging, delivery, and distribution of food requires energy from farms, factories, trucks, grocery stores, and more. Because a vegetarian diet does not include meat, a vegetarian tends to have a smaller carbon footprint than does a nonvegetarian. 6. The production of organic food puts less stress on the environment, so your carbon footprint is smaller if you tend to eat organic food. 7. Water that goes down our drains and sewers must be processed through water treatment plants, even if the water is clean. Using only the amount of water you really need helps reduce your carbon footprint. 8. Recycling is good for the environment because it keeps excess waste out of landfills and trash incinerators. If you recycle on a regular basis, your carbon footprint is smaller. 9. Composting is good for the environment because it keeps kitchen and garden waste out of the trash and it encourages natural gardening practices. If you compost at your house, your carbon footprint is smaller. Try Avanii today and start tracking your carbon emissions footprint in minutes!

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