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What Makes Avanii Different?

Avanii prides itself on saving organizations time and money while pursuing sustainability. Hiring consultants to track, reduce, and offset an organization's carbon footprint can cost thousands of dollars per month, every month. While consultants will always play a very important role in the carbon calculation process for scope 1 and 2 emissions, even they hate calculating the carbon footprint of hundreds of employees.

That is why Avanii focuses on helping organizations and consultants calculate hundreds of employee’s carbon footprints in under a minute. The platform provides scalable, automated, and accurate carbon footprint tracking, enabling organizations of any size to not only track an employee’s carbon footprint and help them reduce their impact in the future, but to also purchase carbon offsets within the same platform.

Start your free trial today to see how Avanii can help your business sustainably, affordably, and efficiently reduce its carbon footprint. To begin, you will need to upload your expense report - don’t worry, we pride ourselves on security and privacy, so your information stays private and confidential. The information you’ve provided will be translated into Carbon Emissions output, which you can then choose to partially or completely offset using leading offset projects. Using Avanii and moving towards becoming a sustainable business is as easy as pouring a glass of water. To learn more about Avanii, please visit our website or get in touch today!

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